we are a lifestyle brand supporting comfort, self-care, optimal physical and mental health as we take on the chronic variables of life. we pride ourselves in being inclusive, kind and open minded. while our products are for everyone, we take careful consideration into neurodivergence, disabilty and chronic pain when it comes to choosing what to offer.

All profits go to supporting a disabled human, disability arts, and advocacy.

every brand has a story.|

what does it mean?

"life is simply a state of facing one variable after the next. chronic variables, if you will."

the cv brand began with a woman seeking help navigating life through cognitive behaviroial therapy.

therapy quickly turned to journaling and that journal turned into a blog. focusing on taking care of disabling chronic illness, chronic pain, managing mental health challenges and trying to flourish with neurodivergence in a neurotypical world became a fulltime job.

a seemingly endless search for clothing, undergarments, footwear and self-care products that are sensory sensitive and chronic pain friendly sparked an idea to find a way to put all of these things in one covenient space.

we hope you enjoy the space we have created.

if you want to read more about the journey have a peak at the blog. follow on insta. sign up for email.